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Before beginning the job of transforming your concrete floor, you need to have a great idea and a choice of solutions for what you can do. You can have a more beautiful floor than you could have ever imagined possible!

The following are just some ideas to consider as you are thinking about what to do with your concrete floor:

  • One-color – Discover how you can achieve many original colors by mixing paints to create your unique one color solution and actually make your space look larger and ties a room together.
  • Staining – Learn about the many approaches to staining your floor to achieve rich, variegated layers of translucent color and even ways of incorporating all sorts of different styles, so that you end up with effects that will be uniquely yours.
  • Faux and sponge painting – Find out how faux painting, with its variety of textures, can ad pizzazz and fashion to your home, make your room look larger and give your room a new ambiance, creating a mood that will be the source of admiration and envy of all your guests.
  • Splatter painting – Learn about creating an original floor “painting” that will demonstrate innate creativity you may never even thought you had! Or, you can whimsically decorate the family room or your children’s play area.
  • Stencils and Design overlays – Choose from many methods of making stencils for your floor to create spectacular and original designs or “rugs” that can enhance your room furnishings and look like the concept of a professional interior designer.
  • Create marble, stone, tile, slate or brick effects – See how you can make your floor looks like it was literally made from one of these materials and see how you can make a seamless transition from room to room, creating the effect of greater space in each room while adding cosmetic appeal.

Not only do you not have to live with an ugly floor, but you can also be the envy of all your neighbors! And, if you want to sell your house, imagine how impressed buyers will be! There is no question that transforming your concrete floor will bring you many benefits for many, many years.